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kids with life threading illness' Journal
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Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
2:28 pm
life illeness
hay peolpe
any one can join this communtiy.
well this one is about peolpe with sickness .like lung diease etc.... i just thought i should make a communtiy for peolpe that have life illness could share what they go through every day to stay aive and stuff.well i was diagriss with a lung diease when i was born. i also was an permature baby.i was one pound and 5oz.im some what an outcast at school.but i got friends out side of school and some from school.like david ,amanda,rachel,kate,john aka lil john,katie ,gina,kevin,lexi,brandy,nathen,zach,zak,chelsea,jake,anthony,anthony,david,jafe,dan.well alot of them i know them from camp its an medical for peolpe that have medical problems like transplants ,lung diease and stuff.i live each day like it would be my last for some reason.well anyone can join .well this enough for now. luv always jessica

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